Welcome to the 21st Century Student Workspaces at Innovation Assessments

The 21st century student workspaces at Innovation Assessments were designed by teachers and students for middle and high school. It is an innovative learning management system that can also be your Google Classroom™ companion.

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and Grading

Testing and Grading

Here you'll find outstanding test generators, AI-assisted scoring and training programs, and powerful apps to organize and edit your test question banks.



Innovation Assessments

AI proctor monitors testing and video attention. AI tutor and coach promotes better quality student work. AI grading assistant supports scoring short answers and summaries.

Harness the Power of AI!

and Plan

Organize and Plan

Here you'll find a fully integrated lesson plan book and many functions to organize your classroom resources.

Maximize Efficiency!

21st Century Workspaces

21st Century Workspaces

Take full advantage of new ways to present specialized online work spaces for students and more efficient ways for teachers to assess their work submissions.

Leverage Technology!


Live Sessions

One click and you're live! Engage remote learners with in-person students with multi-player short answer, multiple-choice, and interactive presentations.

Engage Remote Learners!



Find here detailed audits of student online activity. AI proctor reports to you on activity during tests and watching learning videos. Share detailed information with parents and counselors.

Monitor and Secure!



Live session competitions, Ventura trivia game, and merit badges all serve as powerful motivating tools for your classroom!


Etude for Students

Etude with Youtube

Generate an Etude