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Testing and Grading

Writing Task

The writing task at Innovation Assessments is a powerful tool for secondary level writing assignments. Create your writing prompt and add it to your prompt bank. Prompts can have embedded images and PDF documents. A variety of pre-installed rubrics makes assessment a breeze.

The AI Proctor monitors student activity while working on the task, giving you one more tool for situations where you want the writing task to be a test. A citation generator facilitates citing sources properly in APA or MLA format.

A readability app advises students on the text complexity of what they have written.

With thanks to my colleague who teaches grade four, the writing task evaluation allows you to highlight writing segments and tag them as a type of error. This makes progress monitoring easy as you can track a student or even a class over time. Is their spelling getting better? Capitalization?

Using rubrics to assess student work is clear and user-friendly. You can select the dimension score from the dropdown or score from the rubric itself.

Don't forget about the AI grading assistant! Designed to score informational text by comparing to up to seven model texts you teach it, the AI examines the writing sample on eleven text features. New algorithms in natural language processing facilitates grading.