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Testing and Grading

Test Security

Believe it or not, testing online does not have to be a great big cheating festival. Innovation Assessments has a collection of strong security features that, when combined with other sensible measures, can give you confidence in your test results. Firstly, there is the timer. Timed tests are more secure because students do not have time to look up all the answers.

The AI proctor detects when students change their screen size or navigate to another web page. Tests start in full-screen mode to remove the problem of side-by-side windows.

The short answer proctor notices when students take too long on a question, which could indicate cheating. Proctor detects right clicking (a security risk because of apps that give information like Grammarly), copying, pasting, and a variety of other browser activities.

You can control exactly when students can access your test by locking it or by scheduling its visibility. You can also schedule the unlocking of locked tests! Not letting students see the exact wording of questions before the test is helpful. You can top off your security measures by monitoring your students using a third party screen viewing app such as GoGuardian (not affiliated with Innovation Assessments) and / or asking parents to serve as proctors.