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Testing and Grading

Stats and Data

A key principle of Innovation Assessments is maximizing the teacher's creativity time by minimizing the teacher's bookkeeping time. There are many statistical tools that help teachers track progress and make informed, data-driven decisions about their course of study.

The Test Master shows how every examinee did right down to performance on each category of question. The curve app lets you curve difficult tests using z-score standardization. The analysis app lets you see the group's performance at a glance, including identifying outliers, mean, median, and standard deviation. A variety of statistical tools lets you compare assessments, monitor progress over time, standardize your measures, support and assess intervention and remediation strategies.

It's important that students have access to their work later both to see why it was scored as it was and sometimes to study for unit tests and final exams. This is very easy in Innovation Assessments. Students simply navigate to "My Work" from their control panel and they can see all of their submitted work along with the assessment report.

Assessment reports include teacher comments and the grading rubric. Students can also access this information right from the playlist or from the lesson plan calendar. They can see the submission date and the score. This whole system harnesses the power of technology to track and organize student work in ways we teachers always found difficult to train students to do for themselves.

Remember when we asked students to have a folder and to save their work to study for the exam or to maintain a portfolio of progress? Here is one way that Innovation Assessments leverages technology to create better student virtual workspaces. Students who turn in work in Google Classroom from a Google Doc do not have this kind of automated organization system. Many students do not even name their documents for location later.