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Organize and Plan

Teacher Plan Book

The pandemic inspired a large number of apps at Innovation Assessments. PlanBook is one such. I was teaching classes where sometimes up to a quarter of the students were accessing remotely from home. It was very time consuming to get everyone on the right link, especially in a highly differentiated multi-level class.

PlanBook app solved this problem. The current week's tasks appear at the top of every course in Innovation Assessments. Rather than scroll down the playlist to whatever I wanted to assign today, if students know what day of the week it is, they know what to do. Buttons allow students to jump right into the task, check their score, and check the submission date for assignments going to an Inbox.

Teachers can generate a public link to their plan books to post on public web pages or email to parents and administrators, TA's or substitute teachers. Teachers who are curating their classroom resources in Google Classroom can post a link to the public plan book in their Classroom feed.

PlanBook comes with controls that let you rearrange efficiently and easily. For situations where the day's work is not lined to a task, you can simply add a memo.