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Live Sessions

Live Sessions

You can turn many Innovation Assessments activities into live sessions. A live session is an interactive activity in which students participate from their own devices. You may already be familiar with the web service called "Kahoot!"? During the pandemic, I was often teaching a class where some of my students were in-person and some were remote. Live sessions allow everyone to participate, whether remote or in-person.

Any multiple-choice, short answer, or media element can be turned into a live session. I use this feature in a number of situations. For example, sometimes a test does not go particularly well. I can use a live session after the test to address problem questions with the class and discuss the answers.

When I present a lecture, I like to embed my Google slide show in Innovation Assessments as a media element. When I run a live session, I can periodically stop and prompt students to answer a question or to respond somehow. I open the system to responses, I watch as the app tells me how many have replied, I close the system to questions, then I can review selected student input.

Respecting privacy and promoting confidence, the live session system automatically assigns each student a random nickname.
To start up a live session, you first need to have created the activity. From the controls in the playlist, start it up. Students can join the session from their main control panel by clicking the button to check for live session running. You can only run one at a time. Students can also join the live session from the task element right in the playlist.